About Us

Thoughtful Cards is a project from Foresight Plus, LLC. You can reach us at info@thoughtful.cards for any questions, comments and feedback.

About Rajesh Setty

Rajesh is a serial entrepreneur and business alchemist. Raj is one of the founders and serves as the president of WittyParrot. He has co-founded multiple technology and publishing companies in the past. He has published 14 books so far with his first book being published when he was thirteen. Raj maintains a blog with more than 1900+ blog posts. He also writes for Huffington Post and on LinkedIn.

Raj has been speaking on the topic of "practical generosity" for a long time. This project is an offshoot from those speaking engagements and the conversations that resulted from them.

Special Thanks to:

Jason Franzen, founder of More Simple | Jason brought his design magic to bring the cards alive

Srinivas Njay, product designer and a budding entrepreneur | Srinivas brought his execution magic to bring the site alive.