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Recharge your Relationships

You are where you are today because dozens of people took a chance on you. They shaped your beliefs, mindsets, attitudes and worldviews to help you to get to where you are today. Recharge those relationships by sending a personalized thoughtful card today. They deserve it and more importantly, you owe it to them.

Build a culture of gratitude at work

When your employees are grateful, they are happy. When they are happy, they are more productive. When they are more productive, they grow your profits. Bring Thoughtful cards to your workplace to build a culture of gratitude at work.

It’s a win-win for everyone.


Nurture your donor relationships with the power of gratitude

Your donors have made a meaningful contribution to support your cause. You owe it to them to send a personalized, thoughtful card.

How it Works

3 Simple Steps to express your gratitude







Thoughtful Cards | Gratitude Edition

The Gratitude Edition of Thoughtful Cards is a collection of 101 thank you post cards with unique thank you messages in each of them. Every card also has a space to write a handwritten note to personalize the card.

Think of 20, 30, 40, 50 or even 100 people who have made a big impact on your life and make it a point to send them a thoughtful, personalized thank you card. It will make their day.

Go from gratitude inaction to gratitude in action

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